The Trail of the Huguenots

The Trail of the Huguenots
by George Elmore Reaman
Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966
pages 224, 225


The Gosselin Family came from Dieppe, France, where Jacob G. and his wife Martha Chauvel lived and were members of the Reformed Protestant Religion. About 1620 they fled to Holland where they became members of the French Protestant Church in Amsterdam (L'Eglise Wallone d'Amsterdam). There were four children born in Holland. One son, Jacob, baptized March 31, 1627, went to England and married in the French Church, Threadneedle St., London, Sarah Gooris (also a Huguenot), April 1, 1655. Jacob, baptized November 24, 1661, was one of the sons who became a silk weaver and lived in Soho, London, and Canterbury. About 1699 he emigrated to America and settled at Newton, Long Island, where two children, Judith and Josse (Joseph) were born. This was the period when the name was changed to Gorsaline. Joseph's grandson, John, came to Canada about 1689 [sic] and married Jane Cronk (Cronkheyt) of Dutch parentage from Dutchess County, N.Y., and settled at Sophiasburg. He served in the War of 1812. His son, Reuben, who married one of the de Mille sisters (Huguenot family) was a farmer first near Belleville, later at Bloomfield. A descendant is Brigadier R. M. Gorsaline, a retired medical military officer who married Beatrice Marjorie Sparks, a direct lineal descendant of Nicholas Sparks, the founder of Bytown (Ottawa). (Brigadier R. M. Gorsaline, 22 Downing St., Ottawa.)

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Notes from Lyn: [sic: this must be 1789]