The Family Name

Gorsline was Originally Gosselin
A Name of French Origin

Gosselin (but also found as Gozelin, Goselin, Goslin) reflects accurately the spelling used by the early generations of our family. One will also find variations of the Gorsline name adopted by later generations including Gosline, Gorsaline and Gorssline.

Source: Gorsline Family Chart, 1942 compiled by Samuel Gilbert Gorsline, (General Ped File No. 1358, LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT):
"The Gosselin Family (also spelled Gosline, Gozlin) was well known family at Dieppe. They were Huguenots and fled to Holland in 1609, their property in Dieppe being confiscated by the Church. This generation lived in Amsterdam, Holland."

Source: The Trail of the Huguenots by George Elmore Reaman, (Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966, p. 224):
"The Gosselin Family came from Dieppe, France, where Jacob G. and his wife Martha Chauvel lived and were members of the Reformed Protestant Religion. About 1620 they fled to Holland where they became members of the French Protestant Church in Amsterdam (L'Eglise Wallone d'Amsterdam). There were four children born in Holland."

Source: Annals of Newtown, Queens County, New York, 1852 by James Riker, (reprinted by Hunterdon House, Lambertville, NJ, 1982, p. 346):
"The family of GORSLINE is of French extraction. The name dates back to a period of great antiquity; and, besides being mentioned in an honorable connection by the annalists of France, is also found enrolled upon the tables of nobility in that country. Branches of the family now reside in Alsace, Brabant, Switzerland, and England."