Huguenot Emigration to America

Huguenot Emigration to America, Vol 2
by Charles W. Baird
Regional Publishing, 1966
pages 74, 75


. . . and Jacob Gosselin, came to New York.8

8 "Nom originaire de la Normandie." - (Le Protestantisme en Normandie, p. 18.) "Etienne Gozelin, de Rouen, mis a la chaine, 1684." - (Id.) Jacob and Marie Madeleine Gosselin were members of the French Church in Threadneedle Street, London, October 26, 1690, when their daughter, Marie Madeleine, was baptized. Jacob Gosselin and his wife, Judith L'esveilee, presented their son Josse for baptism in the French Church, New York, November 9, 1701. At the baptism of their daughter Judith, September 5, 1703, Jean Gancel, de Rouen, was sponsor. They had three other children, Jacob, John, and Samuel. - (The Annals of Newtown, by James Riker. p. 346) Gosselin, a weaver by trade, settled in Newtown, Long Island, N.Y., where he purchased a farm. The name is still represented in that place. It has been corrupted to Gorsline.

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Notes from Lyn: This reference is simply a footnote in a chapter on The Le Conte Family listing "Other fugitives from Rouen."