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Yes, we're distant cousins! I'm fairly convinced all Gorslines in the US and Canada are related, finding our common ancestor in Jacob Gosselin, father of Josse whose 13 children all have the last name of Gorsline. How did I find all this out?

The Gorsline Family Chart is a database (about 2'x3' typewritten family tree) compiled in 1942 by Samuel Gilbert Gorsline of Battle Creek, Michigan. It documents a number U.S. branches for 9 generations. The database starts with Jacob Gosselin, born about 1609 in Dieppe, France. But it really begins with Jacob Gosselin III, born in London, 1669, and who settled on Long Island, NY, about 1700.

Counting the Generations. This family chart forms the basis for my database and indicates that we are all descended from Jacob's son Josse via 4 or 5 of Josse's 13 children. In connecting with distant cousins, I'm keeping with S. G. Gorsline's numbering system and method of tracing the line backward to our common ancestor, Jacob III.

Thus the ancestral line for our chart compiler Samuel, an 8th generation Gorsline, would read, starting with his father: William (7), Samuel (6), Gilbert (5), Richard (4), Samuel (3), Josse (2), Jacob (1). I mention this so that when you see a series of names with numbers throughout the web site, you'll know what's going on. (Also note that Samuel assigns an ID# to every Gorsline based on the generation column and numeric order. So for example, Samuel's ID# 8-34 means he's an 8th generation American and the 34th person listed in that column.)

Pull Up A Chair. Stay awhile. Look around the website and read up on our family history. Then, if you have any questions or information to share, drop me a line at lyngperry [at] gmail [dot] com. It's okay. I'm your cousin. I'm married to a Gorsline - Julie (10), Robert (9), Walter (8), James (7), Marvin (6), William (5), William (4), Samuel (3), Josse (2), Jacob (1).